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ABD HOPE was founded by a group of passionate individuals who were deeply concerned about the lack of safe and supportive spaces for single mothers, women who have experienced abuse, and refugees. Motivated by a shared commitment to making a positive difference, they set out to create an organization that would address these pressing challenges head-on.​From the beginning, the organization focused on understanding the specific needs and vulnerabilities faced by single mothers, women who have experienced abuse, and refugees. They conducted extensive research, collaborated with experts in the field, and sought input from those directly affected by these issues. This informed the development of a comprehensive program designed to provide not only safe housing but also holistic support to help residents rebuild their lives.



At ABD Hope Supported Accommodations, we firmly believe that every individual deserves a secure and nurturing environment in which they can rebuild their lives and thrive. Our facility has been meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of single mothers, women who have faced domestic abuse, and refugees seeking solace and support. We understand the hardships and challenges that these individuals endure, and we strive to empower them to regain their independence, heal, and embrace a brighter future.


Our core principles revolve around fostering an atmosphere of compassion, respect, and dignity. We aim to create a warm and welcoming space that not only addresses the immediate needs of our residents but also promotes their personal growth, resilience, and self-sufficiency. Our highly trained and dedicated staff members are committed to providing comprehensive assistance, emotional support, and guidance tailored to each individual's circumstances.

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